Out and About With Rich Cotton An Oyster Shucking House



Before we go in I want to show you where the oysters arrived in the past. It’s here at the dock but that’s another story.  The oysters arrive in the early morning hours and are dumped into big metal baskets that are then picked up by a forklift and put in a hopper where they make their way to the conveyor baskets. These baskets are dumped when needed by a shucker on the line. The oyster is opened by grinding on a bench grinder the hinge at the back of the shell, inserting the knife cutting the top adductor muscle then freeing the underside of the oyster from its shell. This fresh delicacy then goes into a stainless steel container. Each container holds about 8 pounds of oysters. Some days the shuckers work opening oysters 5 to 6 hours. These professionals are paid by the pound and a good shucker can fill three containers an hour. Today they opened 135,000 oysters. The oysters are then processed, cleaned and packed in gallon containers, iced and shipped nationwide for all to enjoy.

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